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About Us

Access McCandless has been the go-to news source for Pittsburghers in the North Hills for over five years. What started out as a small facebook page now has over 13,000 subscribers who rely on us for news and information that includes breaking traffic news, neighborhood crime information, political happenings, social events and much, much more. Don’t take our word for it. Join our Facebook page!

What started out as a frustration from a lack of local news has blossomed into a major hub of news for not only McCandless Township, but residents of all North Hills Communities.

We have volunteer editors and writing staff and admins on our Facebook page. The admins and editors prefer not to be named. We have received backlash from our followers on occasion and they prefer to remain anonymous. Rest assured, there are definitely MULTIPLE people at Access McCandless.

Editor: Cindy Killeen

Cindy is a lifelong resident of McCandless Township. A former stringer for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, she has a varied background in both professional and community service capacities.

Click on the links below to see newspaper articles about Cindy and her efforts in the community.

  • In 2017, Cindy also founded the McCandless Community Association, an organization that provides many opportunities for family-oriented activities in McCandless Township including Movies in the Park, Pumpkin Party in the Park, Valentine Hearts & Crafts Event, Senior Jingle Bell Brunch, and more.

  • In 2019, after the death of her brother, Cindy stepped down as the President of the McCandless Community Association. She still volunteers and helps to organize every event, but is not longer on the board of directors.

Cindy is a cum laude graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and is currently employed by a Silicon Valley software company and has been the editor of Access McCandless since 2013.

Note: A lot of folks who do not agree with my political philosophies call me a hater, rude and lots of other fun names. I am very blunt, and I say what I think. As for the hater part, I would encourage anyone to looks at the list of accomplishments above. 🙂