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Another Broken Egg Cafe is coming to the Block Northway

Based out of Old Mandeville, LA, Another Broken Egg Cafe started in 1966 with the idea that great ingredients lead to fresh and creative food. Since they opened, they have expended to over 34 franchise locations with another 75 on the way. No firm opening date was announced, but the company says it will open “early next year.”

In addition to upscale versions of the usual pancakes and waffles, Another Broken Egg Cafe has unique brunch specialties, as shown below.

Brunch Specialty Menu

Trying to eat healthy? The Sensible Selections Menu features power bowls and grains.

Sensible Selections

They also have traditional classes and a menu of bloody marys, mimosas and early-morning imbibements. The menu also features Gluten-friendly selections and seasonal selections and a large child-friendly menu as well!


  1. Usually, I am thrilled to see new businesses in our city… but I am really disappointed that Another Broken Egg Cafe is joining our community. They are currently embroiled in an animal welfare scandal and have refused to be transparent with consumers across the country. I don’t want that kind of deceitful business in our neighborhood.

  2. I wish Another Broken Egg Cafe wasn’t coming to our city! They are involved in an animal welfare scandal and they lie to their customers.

  3. I’m pretty upset this location is opening. This company is being horrible to its customers by refusing to answer their questions and deleting all of their social media posts whenever they try to ask the simple question “do you use cage-free eggs?” They made the promise to do this a while ago, and now what? Nothing.

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