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Local Businesses

Check out local business recommendations from our 13,000+ Facebook readers!

Our Facebook page has over 13,000 readers. If you want a recommendation for a local business, you can message us on our page and we will post for you. Here is a list of businesses recommended by your neighbors! (Check back, we are constantly adding!)


Landscaper Recommendations

Veterinarian Recommendations

Tree Service

Dog Sitters/Boarding

Primary Care Physicians

  • Highmark Insurance
  • UPMC Insurance
    – Steel City Internal Medicine (very large practice), (412) 358-9613
    – Greg Gold & Associates, Passavant, (724) 772-2664
    Genesis Medical Associates

General Contractor Recommendations

Plumber Recommendations

HVAC Reccomendations

Garage Doors


Pressure Washing

Cement Contractors

Paving Contractors

Gutter Cleaning

Painting Contractors

Moving Companies

Snow Plow

Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning Services

Dog Sitters

Auto Body