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Ross K-9 Cleared for Neglect of Dog – fellow officers dispute findings

According to the investigation into the K-9 handler by Animal Friends Humane officers, there was no evidence of neglect. Fellow officers in the department, however, dispute the findings, saying the dog is over-corrected by an electronic shock collars. Some Ross Commissioners claim to be unaware of the investigation at all.

A Ross Township K-9 officer was forced to turn over his K-9 partner in December after an internal investigation was conducted by the Ross Police Department for complaints of neglect. The dog has been kenneled since the incident.

According to Angela Fry, Humane Society Police Officer at Animal Friends, the incident was fully investigated. The dog was evaluated and there was no evidence that the animal was subject to animal cruelty.

Some members of the Ross Police Department, however, question the decision. “Does the report reflect the shock collar over use? Or leaving the the dog outside for days?”

Ross Commissioners, however, were seemingly unaware of the investigation. Commissioner Jeremy Shaffer was unaware that an investigation was underway. Commissioner Joe Laslavic said in a Facebook post, “This is the first I’m hearing of this.”

Our source within the Ross Police Department balked at the findings, “The only thing the humane officer did was show that he didn’t commit any crimes. Is our new standard simply not to commit crimes?”

As far as the allegations of physical abuse, the fact remains that there have been documented domestic disputes between Officer Donald Sypolt and his ex-girlfriend, Jayme Lee Ayre.  There is also a witness to a domestic dispute that allegedly occurred while the officer was on duty.

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