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Ross K-9 Officer Cleared for Neglect of Dog – Commissioners seemingly unaware of investigation

January 14, 2020 / UPDATED January 15, 2020 8:35am

A Ross Township K-9 officer was forced to turn over his K-9 partner in December after an internal investigation was conducted by the Ross Police Department for complaints of neglect. The dog has been kenneled since the incident.

After receiving reports that Ross K-9 Neeko was left alone for long periods of time in an outdoor kennel in poor conditions, Officer Donald Sypolt was allegedly investigated for neglecting the dog.

According to Angela Fry, Humane Society Police Officer at Animal Friends, the incident was fully investigated. The dog was evaluated and there was no evidence that the animal was subject to animal cruelty.

Some members of the Ross Police Department, however, question the decision. “Does the report reflect the shock collar? Or leaving the the dog outside for days?”

Ross Commissioners, however, were seemingly unaware of the investigation. Commissioner Jeremy Shaffer was unaware that an investigation was underway. Commissioner Joe Laslavic said in a Facebook post, “This is the first I’m hearing of this.”


  1. This officer should not be in charge of this beautiful animal. He didn’t take care of him before and he will carry on this type of abuse. Please don’t let the abuse of this faithful partner happen again. Shame on you for siding with this man who is supposed to protect??? Are you kidding me. His girlfriend warned you, and you ignore her and give this dog back to him. I have lost all respect for your police department now…

  2. Who the hell in their right mind would return that poor dog to that officer? Is Ross Twp. promoting animal abuse and female abuse? I’m glad I no longer live in that area.

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