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Three new breweries coming to the North Hills

Bellevue, Etna and Glenshaw have some new reasons to celebrate. Three new (and coming) breweries are calling these North Hills communities home.

Lincoln Avenue Brewery, Bellevue

Soon to be located at Lincoln Ave & Hawley St. in Bellevue, Lincoln Avenue Brewery will offer a selection of unique and innovative seasonal beers. The 2,100 sq. ft. location will also serve sandwiches and other fan favorites.

Pretty cool for a formerly dry town.

Acrospire Brewing Company, Glenshaw

Coming soon to Butler Plank Rd. in Glenshaw, Acrospire Brewing is a small craft brewery focusing on traditional brewing methods and ingredients. Formed in 2017 by 3 friends with a love of craft beer, who plan to introduce traditional styles and flavors to the masses.

CoStar Brewing, Etna

The folks at Costar Brewing, who refer to themselves as a “nanobrewery” are reportedly opening up shop in 2020 somewhere in Etna. The brewery, which currently operates in Highland Park, has a mission of creating a quality and consistent product that engages the consumer in an experience that goes beyond a single brew.

Their brews include Hopland Park American Pale Ale, Coffee Stout, Top Down California Common, and Brick Alley Brown.

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