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Van Meter system infiltrates Ross Police; alleged quota system

In February of 2018, the Ross Township police department hosted an informational seminar with Van Meter, Inc, a company that touts a “Quote-Free police productivity system.” The system, introduced by Ross Police Chief Joseph Lay, touts a “Do Your Fair Share System,” for police officers — encouraging all police officers in a department to set their own marks for “productivity.”

According to the Van Meter website, “employees owe their employers a full day’s measuring and evaluating whether the employees are living up to their responsibilities – without resorting to quotas.” Quota systems for police have been systematically rejected by many police departments across the country. In a 2015 NPR article, New York City police were quoted as saying “The culture is, you’re not working unless you’re writing summonses or arresting people.”

Although Ross Township officials would not answer our requests for comment, our sources in the police department have confirmed that the Van Meter system, although not approved by the Ross Township Board of Supervisors, has already been instituted by Ross Police Chief Joseph Ley.

According to our sources, officers are now told that they are “deficient” based upon average arrests. Although the system has yet to be voted upon by the Ross Township Supervisors, officers are now told that whether they are deficient in average numbers. Although they are told there is no quota system, officers are currently told if they are deficient based on average numbers and told that they have to make more arrests.

Aside from the police union complaints about the system – quota systems throughout the country have been heavily criticized. Quota systems not only bring accountability to the police departments, they result in pressure on police forces to bring charges — against anyone — to fill a quota.

The implications are obvious – with more pressure on police departments to

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